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Charleston Home Warranties: Are They Worth It in 2023?

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Home warranties have become increasingly popular across the country. Many people with these warranties enjoy peace of mind that they will not be financially responsible for major repairs. If something big breaks, the home warranty, in theory, will pay for it. Home warranties can cover particular issues that certain regions face, giving homeowners moving from out-of-state peace of mind that they won't encounter a situation they may never have even considered. For prospective Charleston buyers and sellers, are Charleston home warranties worth it in 2023? As we'll see, there's no clear-cut answer - it often depends on the house and your specific financial situation.

What Are Charleston Home Warranties?...

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Home? Right Now!

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With the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates substantially in recent months, many people have started to feel like buying a home isn't the best idea. You might think that the market will go down to compensate, or the thought of paying a 5%-6% rate when just last year it was 2%-3% feels financially unsound. You might contemplate waiting until the market drops or rates drop before diving into homeownership. As such, you're simply wondering, "when is the best time to buy a home?"

The short answer is: right now. If you want to be a homeowner, starting the process today is the best way to make that happen! Timing the market rarely works because there's always an excuse to avoid buying. To illustrate this point,...

The Best Areas To Invest in Charleston, SC for Purchasing a Home

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Charleston, South Carolina, is not only an excellent place to put down roots and live but also to invest in real estate. There’s a healthy balance of all types of people in Charleston, from retirees and families to temporary residents. What’s the appeal of Charleston that pulls in over 150,000 residents like a magnet? Safety, good public schools, historic charm, and great entertainment are certainly at the top of the list. All of those promote a heavy flow of people wanting to move to the area, either temporarily or permanently. In fact, ...

A Run Down of the 5 Most Important People in the Home-Buying Process

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Among all US states, CNBC listed South Carolina as the one with the most stable housing markets, making it a suitable place to check out if you’re looking for a new place to call home. It has a 21.4% appreciation rate, so house prices in South Carolina are expected to increase and remain popular among real estate buyers as an investment.

However, acquiring a home requires expert knowledge because of its many moving parts. Before committing to a purchase, here are the five people that should be involved...

Solving the Dilemma of Choosing Between a Forever Home and a Starter Home

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The decision to choose between a forever home or starter home is not one to take lightly. While a starter home provides an affordable path to homeownership, it’ll require you to make another move in a few years. Conversely, a forever home will secure your housing needs for the foreseeable future but will involve a larger investment. If you’re in two minds regarding which option to go with, this article by Southern Bell Living will help you make an informed decision.

Why Buy a Starter Home?

For first-time homeowners...

5 Steps to Buy Your Dream Condo in Charleston, SC

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Charleston, SC, is a gorgeous place to live. With plenty of water, beaches, one of the best food scenes in all of America, and a friendly, southern lifestyle, Charleston has always been in high demand. When COVID-19 hit, many people started to re-evaluate their current working situations. No longer tied to big, expensive cities, many people have begun to discover the benefits of living in a beautiful place like Charleston can provide (including sun and warmth!). As such, condos have become in more demand. For some, a Charleston condo is a perfect getaway property - to work and vacation at the same time. For others, the thought of selling a small NYC condo, getting a nice Charleston one, and pocketing many hundreds of thousands of dollars is appealing. No matter your...

Luxury Homes in Charleston, SC: Here Are 3 Things to Know Before You Buy!

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As anyone that has been to the Charleston area will tell you, this city has some of the most beautiful, exquisite homes on the market. You can find it all in Charleston, from affordable houses for the family to luxurious mansions with a pool and a huge garage. With increased flexibility to work remotely, people are increasingly looking to cash out their home value in places like San Francisco and New York to explore the higher-end of Charleston real estate (which is a significant upgrade!). If you are looking at luxury homes in Charleston, SC, there are three things that you need to know before buying one of those exquisite properties!

Ensure All Financing Is in Order Before Looking at Luxury Homes in Charleston, SC


HOA or No HOA for Your Charleston, SC Area Home? That Is the Question

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The heated debate of living in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association (HOA) has been going on for decades. Since the first master-planned communities started appearing at the end of WWII, homebuyers have had to decide whether an HOA is worth it or not. As with most aspects of home buying, it's up to you! That said, one must make some important considerations before buying a property in a neighborhood with an HOA organization. Potential buyers will be provided a document of CC & Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) i.e the Rule Book, which will include all the roles and responsibilities of that particular HOA. This document should be reviewed CAREFULLY...

Home Inventory Is at a Record Low in Charleston, SC. So How Do You Buy?

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There is no question that the Charleston real estate market is on FIRE (not literally)!! It is one of the most desirable locations in the world: growing job opportunities, great schools, and an amazing culinary scene. Add these up, and you have created the perfect storm for a real estate boom.  What is more, despite the current pandemic situation, the home sales volume exponentially increases year over year.

Below we have provided you with some tips, tricks, and considerations you should think about when buying a home...