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How Do I Buy a Home in Charleston, SC When I Live in Another State?

woman searching for Homes for Sale in Charleston, SC

With the COVID-19 pandemic giving more people the flexibility to permanently work from home, many people are now re-evaluating where they want to live. Once tied to specific (often highly-priced) cities for their work, more and more families are looking to relocate to lower-cost, family-friendly towns all across America. Many people are looking at purchasing properties in other states. In theory, that sounds easy, but in practice, how to buy a home in another state is a little more involved than it looks.

As real estate agents in Charleston, SC, we receive numerous inquiries from people looking to relocate from California,...

For Sale By Owner: 5 Reasons Why Charleston, SC Homeowners Should Avoid This

For sale by owner sign in front of Charleston, SC Home for Sale

As with any industry, Charleston real estate has trends. There are decorating trends, fashionable colors, trendy layouts (who would have thought that less than two years ago, we'd be talking about the Conversation Pit making a comeback?), and so forth. Indeed, real estate is full of trends, and one of the latest trends that we see many prospective sellers considering is "for sale by owner."

For sale by owner means that the person lists their home by themselves. Instead of having an experienced real estate agent walk them through the process, find the best...