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3 Reasons to Pick Southern Bell Living as Your Charleston, SC Real Estate Agents

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When choosing Charleston real estate agents, numerous teams and brokerages are available to you. You'll see ads for agents, brokerages that promise to sell your home for more, and you might even run into some cash-for-home buyers.

Everyone seems to promise the same thing: to help you get the best deal on your property. Whether you're buying a home in Charleston or selling it, these ads promise to give you the best financial outcome.

However, not all Charleston realtors are alike. Indeed, choosing Southern Bell Living will give a prospective buyer or seller three critical advantages over many other firms in this...

Luxury Homes in Charleston, SC: Here Are 3 Things to Know Before You Buy!

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As anyone that has been to the Charleston area will tell you, this city has some of the most beautiful, exquisite homes on the market. You can find it all in Charleston, from affordable houses for the family to luxurious mansions with a pool and a huge garage. With increased flexibility to work remotely, people are increasingly looking to cash out their home value in places like San Francisco and New York to explore the higher-end of Charleston real estate (which is a significant upgrade!). If you are looking at luxury homes in Charleston, SC, there are three things that you need to know before buying one of those exquisite properties!

Ensure All Financing Is in Order Before Looking at Luxury Homes in Charleston, SC


Real Estate Trust vs LLC: Which Is the Best Option for Charleston, SC Investors?

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Are you considering buying an investment property? If so, you are making a wise financial decision. Historically, real property has been one of the best wealth builders in the United States. It's not uncommon for home prices to appreciate 10% or more in any given year, and that's on top of the rents you can collect! With a vibrant economy and still (comparatively) inexpensive housing, Charleston has emerged as one of the top spots for investors. Investors looking to protect their assets (and we recommend you do) frequently debate using a real estate trust vs LLC for their investments.

Here's what you need to know about the topic, including which of these legal structures...