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5 Steps to Buy Your Dream Condo in Charleston, SC

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Charleston, SC, is a gorgeous place to live. With plenty of water, beaches, one of the best food scenes in all of America, and a friendly, southern lifestyle, Charleston has always been in high demand. When COVID-19 hit, many people started to re-evaluate their current working situations. No longer tied to big, expensive cities, many people have begun to discover the benefits of living in a beautiful place like Charleston can provide (including sun and warmth!). As such, condos have become in more demand. For some, a Charleston condo is a perfect getaway property - to work and vacation at the same time. For others, the thought of selling a small NYC condo, getting a nice Charleston one, and pocketing many hundreds of thousands of dollars is appealing....

Buying and Managing Your First Investment Property in Charleston, SC

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Real estate is a great place to put your money, offering an investment for the long term. Even if you just break even at first, you can build equity in your properties. For those hoping to join the lucrative investment of real estate, check out these steps to take to get started in the land-lording business, presented by Southern Bell Living.