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Buyers: Why Do I Need a Local Charleston, SC Real Estate Agent?

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Buying a home can be a straightforward process. You look at some houses, visit the ones you like, make an offer, get a loan, and attend the closing. After the home closes, you get the keys and enter into your brand new, beautiful purchase, beginning your life in one of the loveliest cities on the east coast - Charleston, SC! Conceptually, the process of buying a home is simple. As such, many homebuyers contemplate skipping having a Charleston real estate agent and elect to visit some open houses independently.

While this decision is understandable, in our experience, it's a mistake. As a buyer, having a quality real estate agent on your side can make the difference...

5 Reasons Why Moving to Charleston, SC Is the Best

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Charleston is a beautiful city. As a city of about 130,000 people situated on the east coast at the southern end of South Carolina, Charleston has a rich history, fun activities, and a family-friendly environment. Initially settled in 1630 as "Charles Town," honoring King Charles II, Charleston remains as attractive of a place to live in now as it was nearly 400 years ago. As we'll see, moving to Charleston, SC, is as smart of a decision now as it would have been all those many years ago.

With COVID, many employers are letting people work remotely. People from all over the US are looking...

Types of Mortgages Offered in Charleston, SC

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When our parents were buying their first home, there was only one way to finance the purchase. They went down to the corner bank and asked for a 30-year mortgage. That was it. It was common to stay in the same house for the entire 30 years and they celebrated the final payment. It’s just not the way financing works today. 

First of all, it’s unusual for someone to keep a mortgage for 30 years. The average homeowner moves every 5-7 years. Even paying off a mortgage might not be desirable as it’s one of the few tax breaks still available to the average...