Real Estate Contingencies: 5 You Must Consider in Your Next Offer

homeowner holding a key in front of their new Charleston home

Those new to the homebuying process, or those who haven't bought a home in a while, know just how dizzying the terminology surrounding homes, offers, and purchase contracts can be. You'll hear your real estate agent talk about many different things, and you might be surprised when the offer you submit is many pages long and not just something simple like "I'll buy this house for $200,000." Part of the reason offers are so long is that they represent a formal well-tested legal contract that gives you, the buyer, a fair shot at acquiring your dream Charleston home. Part of the legal protections the agreement provides...

5 Steps to Buy Your Dream Condo in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC condo development

Charleston, SC, is a gorgeous place to live. With plenty of water, beaches, one of the best food scenes in all of America, and a friendly, southern lifestyle, Charleston has always been in high demand. When COVID-19 hit, many people started to re-evaluate their current working situations. No longer tied to big, expensive cities, many people have begun to discover the benefits of living in a beautiful place like Charleston can provide (including sun and warmth!). As such, condos have become in more demand. For some, a Charleston condo is a perfect getaway property - to work and vacation at the same time. For others, the thought of selling a small NYC condo, getting a nice Charleston one, and pocketing many hundreds of thousands of dollars is appealing....