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Listing Your Home With Southern Bell Living

The housing market in Charleston, South Carolina, is saturated with licensed realtors. So much so that you may be wondering why you should choose Southern Bell Living over the others. We believe we work harder, faster, and better than our competitors. Rather than just meeting your needs and expectations, we go beyond the call of duty. As an innovative, forward-thinking company, we will market your property with a dynamic multimedia approach. That means all bases, from face-to-face activities to online marketing campaigns, will be covered. 

Our aim is the same as yours. We want to sell your property quickly and for the highest price possible. 

Marketing Your Home

As part of our full-frontal approach to marketing your home, we will create for you a fully personalized and custom website for your property (see below). In addition to the website, we will provide you with interior and exterior cleanup, landscaping, hire measurement, drone footage, Virtual 3D walkthroughs, flythrough videos, professional photography, and a staging consult. 

See examples of videos and websites we have created for our clients below!

Part of what makes our services stand out from the crowd as exceptionally effective is the fact that we have gained a substantial level of "know-how" from the many years we’ve spent working in the business. We also have access to a large database of trusted Charleston-based trade partners who provide high-quality services for unbeatably reasonable prices. 

Here are some practical examples of the various cutting-edge promotional and tactical strategies we leverage to set your listing at the right price, maximize exposure of your property, and communicate with you all of the activity, opportunities, and challenges we face along the way:

  • At Southern Bell Living, our Charleston real estate agents truly appreciate the importance of selling your home. We will provide you with a robust market analysis driven by real-time data and statistics as evidence for the listing price we set. We will continue to monitor market conditions and competition and work alongside you to prepare the property to make it as appealing as possible. 
  • Complementary to the website,  we will also fully optimize your property listing for top sites like Zillow, Trulia, and In addition, we will also send your listing out to all major web and social syndication sources.
  • We will run paid, highly targeted advertising content on the main social media platforms to maximize exposure and get as many eyes on your listing as possible. Needless to say, online buyers will have no trouble finding your property listing. 
  • We will also ensure that we provide you with the frequency of updates you request. You won’t be left in the dark about what progress is being made with the sale of your home, but neither will you be swamped with unnecessary updates and progress reports that could be summarized at a later date. Efficiency and ease are hallmarks of our sales and marketing methodologies.

We see our job as utilizing our wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills as a modern, smart real estate team to provide the service that suits your needs and lifestyle. 

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